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Computational Technology Reviews
ISSN 2044-8430
Volume 7, 2013
Guest-Editors: B.H.V. Topping, P. Iványi

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Acceleration of Convergence for Domain Decomposition Methods,
L. Berenguer, T. Dufaud and D. Tromeur-Dervout
Approximate Inverse Preconditioning for the Solution of Large Sparse Linear Systems,
C. Janna, M. Ferronato and G. Gambolati
Parallel Finite Element Analysis in Engineering: State of the Art and New Trends,
B. Patzák, D. Rypl and J. Kruis
A Survey of the Parallelization Issues for Geometric and Algebraic Multigrid Methods based on Generic Banded Approximate Inverses,
G.A. Gravvanis, C.K. Filelis-Papadopoulos and P.I. Matskanidis

Saxe-Coburg Publications, paperback: 98 pages, 4 papers
2013: ISBN 978-1-874672-61-6 price £80
ISSN 2044-8430 volume 7