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Edited Book Proposal
A proposal to publish an edited book should include:
  1. Title of the Book
  2. Editor and Co-Editor Names: with affiliations (ie University, Department, Company, City, Country)
  3. Editor and Co-Editor Contact details: postal address, (this should be the address you want on your publishing contract), tel, fax, email
  4. Short CV of all editors: (with a select relevant list of publications) no more than four pages per author and co-author
  5. Up to ten keywords that describe the content of the book
  6. Indicate the level of the book: postgraduate/research/professional
  7. A List of Proposed Chapter Titles or Themes with the names and affiliations of the Chapter authors (You do not need to contact the proposed authors until after we have reviewed your proposal). You will need between 10 and 18 chapters for an edited book. Editors may also author chapters. Authors should come from all continents of the world as far as is possible.
  8. A brief description of the aims and scope of the book (150-250 words)
  9. Indicate the main competition from other books
  10. Proposed date by which time the book will be delivered to us in its final form

The proposal should be sent to:

Judy Tait, Commissioning Editor
Saxe-Coburg Publications
Dun Eaglais
Station Brae, Kippen
Stirlingshire, FK8 3DY
United Kingdom

Tel: +44(0)1786 870166
Fax: +44(0)1786 870167
email: editor AT saxe-coburg . co . uk